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  • 08.Aug
  • Coming Soon from Caduceus Records // Caduceus “Summer All Stars” Compilation
  • We are proud to introduce you to our first ‘All Stars’ Compilation.The finest techno producers around the world from Switzerland, UK, US and Germany all on Caduceus Records. Includes tracks and remixes from LAD, Myles Sergé, Oliver Deutschmann, Sierra Sam, Gerome Sportelli , and Stefny (Stefny Winter). Release date: August 13th. Format: Digital

  • 08.Aug
  • Coming This September From Night Drive Music // Myles Sergé & WHIM-EE – Jo’Mar’s Groove / You Like It D
  • Myles Sergé and Whim-ee join forces for a raw and oldschool infected split EP on Night Drive Music. The icing on the cake are two remixes they did for each other. Brilliant Chicago / Detroit house cuts! Distributed by Decks Records. Pre-order your copy now.

  • 08.Aug
  • Coming September 4th from Bright Sounds // Myles Sergé – Inside The Box EP
  • Berlin label Bright Sounds debuts with 12″ release from Grand Rapids MI, USA now Brighton U.K. -based DJ & producer Myles Sergé, a self-described “Reclusive Perfectionist”, whose haunting production sound reflects influences from early Detroit & Chicago electronic music. The “Inside The Box” EP collects three stripped down & floor-ready techno cuts: “Building Blocks” continues […]

  • 08.Aug
  • Coming This September From DOT RECORDS // Myles Sergé – DOT 4
  • Dot records welcomes Myles Sergé to the helm with his Detroit style. With remixes by label boss Aubrey, which is a more jazzed out spaced out mix of the original, and long time friend and music partner Mark Ambrose on remix duties, Marks mix is a funky Chicago style workout with style, and last on the […]



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    Is a DJ, musician and recording artist who has released on a vast swathe of labels including 6ONE6 | DEFREC, ESHU Records, Knotweed Records, DOT, Translucent, Ilian Tape, GOT2GO, Sub Sequent Records, Miga, Wallshaker Music, 3rd Wave Music and Night Drive Music, and personally owns the Saure Music Group, which is home to his imprints RE(FORM), Space, (MS), and Dosed Recordings. He describes himself as a ‘Reclusive Perfectionist’, whose haunting production sound reflects influences from early Detroit / Chicago electronic music. In addition to productions under his own name, he also records as Sergio MF Valente, (MS) and in collaboration with other artists as PNM and One Peoples (with PHREK). For booking enquiries please contactUzuri


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